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Teaching Methodology

Teachers who teach at the Language Centre use teaching methods that is not only communicative and task based, but also fluid and natural. Lessons are instructed in the language the student is learning.

The Language Centre is focused on immersing the student as much as possible in order to facilitate and often quicken acquisition of language. Teacher’s use an array of materials like textbooks, authentic materials, newspapers/magazine articles, TV and internet, as well as audio and video. Conversation rich classrooms are the norm, and are kept as natural as possible. By keeping the conversations natural and fluid, speaking of the language is less intimidating.

Focused on the student – The students are kept active while in groups that are kept small (do not exceed 4-5 students). All students do not have the same learning style, and are accordingly accommodated. ALL students are individually the focus of the teacher.

Motivation -- Every student has a reason for learning another language, but ALL will look forward to learning when lessons are related to current events, are interesting, and FUN!

–If a student is not challenged enough, the lessons may become boring and useless. All students are given assessment tests to properly indicate their level of grammar, speaking, comprehension, and writing skills.

All teaching is focused on the development of strong, native like skills, in the language learned. Progress in all four skills of language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) is monitored by homework, tests, and by individual class participation.

One to one lessons are also available.

We follow Common European Framework for Languages when choosing an appropriate level for each student.